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Tooth Extractions in Northwestern NJ

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Have you been experiencing symptoms from a damaged, infected, or impacted tooth?

If so, it may be necessary for one of our dentists perform your tooth extraction in Northwestern NJ.

Sometimes a tooth cannot be restored. Your dentist will recommend an extraction only if the tooth cannot be saved. A non-restorable tooth can be caused by decay, periodontal disease or trauma.

West Morris Dental, PC can help with comfortable and safe tooth extraction in Northwestern NJ. Our team of dentists has decades of experience and will make sure your tooth extraction happens quickly, efficiently, and virtually pain-free.

Before considering extracting a tooth, your dentist will take a necessary x-ray to evaluate the tooth. Our team will focus on getting you out of discomfort as quickly as possible. We treat every patient as if they were a high fear dental patient, but we encourage our patients talk to us about an anxiety they may be having about the procedure. We offer complimentary nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help put you in a relaxed state.

If your tooth has to be removed, the West Morris Dental team will explain your options to replace the missing tooth. When at all possible, a dental implant is the best treatment option as it is the most similar to a natural tooth root. Dental bridges and removable partials can be an aesthetically pleasing option, though they do not support the bone where the tooth is extracted. Replacing missing teeth will help contribute to your overall dental health.

To schedule an appointment or to discuss tooth extraction in Northwestern NJ call West Morris Dental at our Succasunna Office at 973-584-1066 or our Hackettstown Office at 908-979-9779.

West Morris Dental, PC – Your trusted dental practice for your tooth extraction in Northwestern NJ.

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Tooth Extractions Northwestern NJ