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Tooth Fillings in Northwestern NJ

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Do you think you have a cavity? If you are in need of tooth fillings in Northwestern NJ, let West Morris Dental take care of it for you. Our team of experienced doctors will evaluate your tooth for any cracks in the enamel and decay present and can recommend and install a tooth colored filling.

Bacteria can eat away at the enamel or enter through a crack in the tooth. A dental composite filling will seal the area and most often is all that is needed to repair a small crack or chipped tooth.

West Morris Dental believes in providing tooth fillings in Northwestern NJ with a gentle touch to help ensure you have a great dental experience. Our team will offer you complimentary nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help relax you before and during your visit. After your dental filling, you will be relieved how quickly the procedure was and will be pleased to see you cannot tell which tooth was repaired. Your tooth could be sensitive to hot and cold foods for a few days following the procedure.

A tooth may not always have visible decay, cracks or experience sensitivity to be in need of a dental filling. Seeing your dentist for routine x-rays and preventative visits will help detect if you are in need of treatment. Fluoride, dental sealants and keeping bacteria in your mouth at bay will help prevent future cavities. Brushing your teeth after each meal, flossing and drinking plenty of water will help keep your mouth healthy as well as avoiding high sugar foods and acidic drinks.

West Morris Dental, PC has decades of combined experience successfully placing fillings. To schedule an appointment for tooth fillings in Northwestern NJ, call West Morris Dental, PC at our Succasunna Office at 973-584-1066 or our Hackettstown Office at 908-979-9779.

West Morris Dental, PC – Your trusted choice for tooth fillings in Northwestern NJ.

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Tooth Fillings Northwestern NJ